One of my favorite finds since this care cocoon season is, and let me just say this is not a sponsored post, I legitimately love this company! I have found I can buy organic, biodynamic wines from France and Italy and they deliver them to my doorstep! Their app is super easy to use and you can search by region, femail winemakers, price, organic etc...During this time of staying home, I am trying to avoid the stores whenever possible, so online purchases are ideal. Check it out! 


I also have been making some of my favorite sweet treats during this time. I happen to be gluten-free but even for those who are not, Sweet Laurel is the ultimate dessert find. Her recipes are super easy, she doesn't believe in using a ton of different ingredients, and they are packed with healthier ingredients like maple syrup instead of refined sugar, almond flour instead of white flour you can feel a bit better while stuffing your face with these delicious treats. I highly recommend her cookbook. Also here is a link to one of my go-to recipes of hers...enjoy goddesses!

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