As I type this I am consumed with gratitude. It was 1 year ago hat I hit "publish" on the website and sat anxiously awaiting sales to come in. The immediate support, enthusiasm and encouragement that followed was overwhelming. It is this that has allowed me to continue growing the brand and delivering you uniquely designed, high-performance leggings. 

I thought it might be fun to take you through how Sweat Goddess was born with a photo journey below.

It all began with this design here. I designed these leggings for my friend and I for the holidays. The design process was so much fun I felt the yearning to design more. As soon as my friend posted her pair on Instagram she received messages asking where she got them!

Next I had the opportunity to attend a Tracy Anderson event in Los Angeles. Prior to the event I asked some of the women who would be attending if they would be interested in some custom leggings if I designed them for us to wear to the event. Everyone said yes and I designed 2 more styles. At the event a few weeks later I was met with the most encouraging, inspiring group of women who pushed me to follow my passion and build a brand around this love of leggings design that I had.

In 1 short month I had branded, and launched an online shop!! I was away for the weekend with family and friends when I launched the website. I was so excited to see the orders coming in almost immediately. It was absolutely surreal!

In the year that would follow this amazing supportive community would post themselves in my designs on Instagram and I can honestly say every-time this happens my heart skips a beat and I am filled with gratitude. So Thank you. Thank you to everyone that has shared their experience of wearing Sweat Goddess, thank you for everyone that has supported me along this journey, and thank you for all the support and encouragement you have all instilled in me. I am so excited for what I have in store for you and Sweat Goddess! I am just getting started! xoxo - Rachelle

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