I thought if would be fun to take a deeper dive behind the scenes at some of our designs. Crystal Fly is one of our more popular designs here at Sweat Goddess and personally one of my favorites. The design inspiration came from my love for crystals. Crystals are beautiful creations of nature and I have always been fascinated by their mystical properties. Drawing on images of brilliantly colored crystals overlaid with white butterfly/moth creatures and beautiful white florals this is truly a magical design.

One thing that seemed very obvious as soon as I personally started wearing these was that a kids version needed to happen. No matter where I went I had adults AND kids commenting that they loved my leggings! My girls begged me for a pair and these officially became the first style available in our kids collection. It's pretty fun to match your mini in our leggings I have to say. And given the current situation of things, that's all we are wearing over here so it definitely works! Hope you guys enjoyed this BTS. What design would you want to learn about next?

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