So something you may not know about me is my obsession with essential oils, specifically doTerra. I began using them during my second pregnancy to help with nausea and never looked back. We now use them for most ailments, and we have avoided most over the counter drugs as well as antibiotics since we started using essential oils! I will take a deeper dive in to this soon, but I wanted to give you a heads up on something doTerra is doing this week! It's what we affectionately call BOGO week, each day of the week there is a buy one get one free oil deal. It's announced that day and available for that day only. This week they are doing something a little different. They are allowing us to purchase the entire week of BOGO's at once to save on shipping costs and reduce our carbon footprint which I am all about. This is available today, Monday, only and while supplies last. If you are new to essential oils I would LOVE to help you get started. If you wanted to start with the BOGO box click here to sign up and then I will be in touch with my welcome kit and other goodies.

To tempt us they've revealed the Buy oils, but kept the Free oils a secret. I will let you in on a little secret's oils are buy Serenity and get Balance FREE. These two blends are some of my most used blends. They help with sleep, grounding, relaxation all the things that we could really use support with right now am I right? If you are interested in just starting with today's BOGO you can click here....and once again I will be in touch with my welcome kit, goodies etc...Comment below if you use essential oils or are interested in learning more


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