For those of you that know me, my devotion to the Tracy Anderson Method is no secret. I live for my daily workouts through her streaming subscription so this whole home-based workout situation is nothing new for me. But I know for most of you this could be something very new and it definitely takes disipline. This is a routine that I nurtured and created for myself. It wasn't overnight but eventually it became something that I do every day. Since being homebound however the need for something different does happen. So over the weekend, when the sun decided to come out (after a few days of dreary rain) I took my workout outdoors. The combination of the workout + the vitamin D was just what I needed. Plus the change of scenery was fabulous. Our family is Quarantined with our neighbors which happens to be very convenient for my workouts since Carlin, my neighbor, is also a fellow Tracy Anderson devotee (TAmily as we like to call ourselves). So we decided to set up a pop-up tent and did this week's ATAin class in her backyard! I highly recommend switching it up every once in a while if you have the luxury to do so. What are your home workout rituals? Any interest in my playlists?

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