On a personal note my daughter turned 10 last month. Throwing my kids exciting birthday parties has always been my love language. So throwing her a party during quarantine was a challenge for sure. But somehow we pulled it off!

She was able to have 2 of her closest friends over and we did tie dye, a rubber band bracelet making bar which I have to say provided hours of entertainment. I bought this box of rubber bands and charms and it's basically bottomless. They made bracelets to their hearts content well into the evening and the box barely has a dent in it. Just saying, a great quarantine activity.

Piper loves reading Nancy Drew books so we were originally going to have a Nancy Drew themed party. I had seen this one by Lay Baby Lay that was done so perfectly and was so inspired. Given the unknown, and the fact that we threw this party together in a matter of days, it was more of a mish mosh of themes. But we had to include a mystery. We created a "Cake Bandit" who stole the cake and the girls had to use their detective agency spy kits I made them to solve the mystery and find the cake. They had so much fun doing this I have to say. We even included a few family members who live out of state, by having them leave video clues on ipads that the girls had to find. Invisible notes and tiny type clues.

It was the best! Overall such a great celebration and it was so nice hearing those laughs and seeing the smiles on the girls faces.


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