Well one of the gifts I have received during this strange and unusual time, is the opportunity to do things I never would have done before. Case in point, we rented an RV and took the family to some of Utah's most beautiful national parks. The family that we have quarantined with was already planning this trip since last year so we rented our own RV and crashed their family vacay. I have to say it was one of the most exciting and memorable trips we have taken. We began our trip by driving from Orange County, CA, to Zion, Utah. We stayed at RV campgrounds the entire trip for the convenience of hook ups. But we spent most of our time at the parks. We made coffee and ate breakfast every morning in the RV, usually packed sandwiches and snacks to have on the go, and then we ate at restaurants most nights. The first day we hiked to the beginning of the Narrows in Zion. This was super doable for the kids, and ended up one of their favorites since they got to splash and play in the water. (Hiking the actual Narrows hike is something that is way more advanced and not recommended for small children.)

We at dinner at a place called Bit & Spur which had a lovely outdoor area to eat (and social distance). I would recommend ordering a pitcher of spicy margaritas! Delicious! Also towards the back by the fence we were able to spot some deer which was super fun for the kids.

Next stop was Capitol Reef. We went rock climbing which was such a fun activity for everyone! From my 4 year old, to myself! I never thought I would ever rock climb! But I did it, and it was exhilarating. Piper, my 10 year old, has experience rock climbing indoors but this was her first outdoor climb and wow did she thrive. She climbed a slot canyon climb like it was nothing! I didn't even try that one. She was fearless and it was so fun seeing her in her element like this.

After this we made our way to Moab. Day 1 in Moab we went river rafting which was super fun. The rapids were super mild so it was perfect for young kids (and me). The kids jumped in the river and floated along, we floated through rapids and had a beautiful day. This night we ate at a place called Desert Bistro which was one of the best meals we had on our trip. It wasn't the prettiest of views, but the food was fabulous.

Day 2 in Moab we hiked Hickman Bridge Trail to the arch, and then Sandy Arch. The first hike was beautiful, Sandy Arch was stunning but it gets super windy in the slot canyon and created a bit of a sand storm which was not a favorite of the kids.

Here are the rainbow tie dye leggings in action as Carlin and I showed off our Tracy Anderson Moves!

Greyson showed off her Water Peacock leggings next to a hoodoo at Goblin Valley. We stopped here for a quick play, but there was limited shade and it was pretty hot so we didn't stay long. The kids loved playing around the hoodoos and I loved revisiting a place I had camped back in College! We hiked Delicate Arch which is the uber famous Arch that you see everywhere. That was one of my favorites. The views were stunning, the hike was fun and the kids loved it!

Too cute! Next stop was Bryce. Bryce had some of the most spectacular views we saw the entire trip! The older kids road horses down the canyon which was a highlight for Piper for sure. We stayed back and hiked around the amphitheater and were treated to some of the most beautiful scenery ever! We ate at the most beautiful restaurant for dinner, Stone Hearth Grille. The views, the water running through it, the deer nearby and the food. Spectacular and a must for anyone that is visiting this area. Blue Tie Dye leggings in action here.

On our way out of town we stopped at Mossy Cave Trail. This was pretty crowded so you want to get there early in the morning but the trail runs along a little creek that the kids played in and the trail leads you to the most beautiful waterfall. Such a great way to finish off our trip! I hope I inspired you all to take a trip to visit the sights near you. The RV trip was a huge success!

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  • Thank you! Although I traveled with you in my mind, these pictures put your amazing journey into a virtual experience.
    You did a fabulous job of documenting it all!!!

    Caryl Stein on

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